Buying a Garden sheds at Mitre 10 Vs Bunnings 

Buying Garden sheds at Mitre 10 vs Bunnings have very little differences; both companies are offering online purchases that have been made easy.

The online selection of products have been made easy, all that the client has to do is to browse and check the products, prices and make comparisons.

Purchasing at Mitre 10:

When purchasing garden sheds at Mitre 10 clients are allowed to make payments t hrough Visa and Mastercard as well as SecurePay, but as of the moment Mitre 10 is not accepting gift cards or store credit for online purchases of garden sheds and other items.

Customers can directly contact the service store, or the local stores of Mitre 10, if in case they are not able to find the garden shed they are looking for or any other product they are hoping to purchase online.

Local stores can be contacted, and the store can find the range of items that are needed once they have not been made available online.

Product details of garden sheds that are available online are posted online, if the product is only available in local stores and not online, it will be marked with a badge, and a local store contact is provided in order for clients to be able to find it.

When searching for products that they like, like new models of garden sheds the client can just type in the search box located on top of the page website of Mitre 10 and they will be able to find it, they can also check the category tabs for other products they would like to order.

Clients have to understand, that the prices can vary, what is posted online may differ in the local store depending on the locality, the website has a Find a store option, and customers can just place the postcode and find if local stores nearby have the items.

Purchasing at Bunnings:

Bunnings also has an online selection for garden she

ds, clients can view the details and picture of the garden sheds that are available.

When purchasing online at Bunnings, clients are made aware of the price, brand, door type as well as the roof type of the products that they are checking out. The online store will also provide a picture and description of the product features in order for the user to have an easier time accessing the products.

Both Mitre 10 and Bunnings are offering products that come with a warranty or a guarantee from the manufacturer, because this is the format that is followed by companies through the Australian Consumer Law.

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